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Our tender and delicious flavors with crust that closely resembles and tastes like an apple pie crust will
definitely make a mark that Amira's consistently add its love and enthusiasm for satisfying every mouth.

The All-Year Favorite Buco Tart

a taste of a soft and munchy crust filled with
fresh shredded coconut flesh together with the sweetness of milk and fresh coconut juice will surely create the lasting goodness of this yummy buco tart. The pioneer flavor and best-seller product of Amira’s.
    Our Special Tarts
Mango Cheese Tart

The freshest mango in town with luscious melted cheese is embedded to create a new and satisfying flavor of Amira’s Tarts. This flavor will surely entice your tongues and captivate your spirit.

Blueberry Cheese Tart

With the luscious taste and scent of blueberry and the melt-in-your-mouth goodness of creamy cheese comes a new breed of Amira’s Tart that has a fulfilling impact for the Amira Lovers in Town!

Cherry Cheese Tart

Comes the sweetness of the fresh cherries and cream-like goodness of cheese is a new satisfying and mouth-watering flavor of Amira’s Tart. Be impressed on how the two flavors are being combined to create a perfect appetizer for your main dishes.

Banana Caramel Tart

are sweetened slightly by a light brushing of caramel sauce and the bananas are the perfect complement in both texture and taste. The latter almost melt in your mouth.

Egg Tart

The sweet taste of eggs perfected with milk and sugar is one of the best seller of Amira’s too. This appetizing pastry makes a fulfilled tart-lover ask for more.

Fruity Tart

are created with the perfect sweetness, soft and crumbly crust and the taste of the mixed fruits that will definitely savor your spirit.

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